Artigos publicados em períodicos científicos


Influence of the photoionization cross-section on the OSL signal of LiF: A theoretical and experimental approach.

-Atomistic simulation and spectroscopic study of the Eu3+ doped CaSOcrystal.

- Electrodialysis reversal as an alternative treatment for producing drinking water from brackish river water: a case study in the dry season, northeastern Brazil.


Modulation of reactive oxygen levels and gene expression in sensitive and resistant tumoral cells by C-phyocyanin.

-Textos, Leitura e Memória: estudos sobre interpretação textual.

-Distinct grazing pressure loads generate different impacts on bacterial community in a long-term experiment in Pampa biome.

-Soybean inoculants in Brazil: an overview of quality control.

Gastos públicos versus criminalidadeo caso da região Nordeste do Brasil.

Gene expression, biochemical and physiological activities in evaluating melon seed vigor throughethanol release.

Hydrosoluble phylloplane components of Theobroma cacao modulate the metabolism of Moniliophthora perniciosa spores during germination.

Enhanced approach to the local field correction of luminescent materials based on Ln3+ ions.

Atomistic Simulation of Structural and Mechanical Properties of the AMgF3 (A = K, Rb, and Cs) Compounds Under Hydrostatic Pressure.

- Concentration effect and operational parameters on electrodialysis reversal efficiency applied for fluoride removal in groundwater.

- Análise da qualidade de vida no trabalho em uma instituição pública de ensino.


Lean Office and Service – A bibliometric research.  

- Selection and validation of reference genes for quantitative gene expression analyses in various tissues and seeds at different development stages in Bixa Orellana L.

- Genome-wide characterization and expression analyses of citrus NF-Y transcription factors identified a novel NF-YA gene involved in drought-stress response and tolerance.

Genome-wide identification and expression analyses of the molecular chaperone binding protein BiP genes in Citrus.

- C-Phycocyanin purification: multiple processes for different applications.

- C-Phycocyanin: cellular targets, mechanisms of action and multi-drug resistance in cancer.

- Modulation of reactive oxygen levels and gene expression in sensitive and resistance tumoral cells by C-phyocyanin.

- C-phycocyanin to overcome the multidrug resistance phenotype in human erythroleukemias with or without interaction with ABC transporters.

- Detection of carbon monoxide emissions from urban solid waste in Serrinha dos Pintos/RN: study case.

Analyses of occupational risks in the activities of carpentry and locksmithing in Pau dos Ferros/RN: a case study.

Aspectos socioeconômicos e ambientais dos empreendimentos de borracharias do município de Pau de Ferrros-RN.

- Analisando a eficiência dos investimentos em educação, saúde e urbanismo no semiárido do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte.